Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travis John Murphy

My oldest nephew, Travis, was killed March 5, 2010. He apparently fell asleep at the wheel and went head long into a tree and was pronounced dead at 5:03 am. Travis was on his way home from his girlfriends where he had earlier fallen asleep. He was 19 years old. I'm really gonna miss that kid. I can hear him now going "Aw, Aunt Rhonda" and giving me that shit eating grin he always used. That kid was loved. There were over 400 people at his funeral.

He was cremated and his parents got to bring him home on Wednesday, a day after the memorial service. That brought on another round of tears as does writing this...but it is for the best, tears. They cleanse and heal. I don't know how many tears I will need to shed before the wound heals or at least scabs a bit but I will fill the Salton sea many times over.