Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is it really possible?

It has been four months since I started my new job at Shepherd University. Is it really possible? Only four months? There are some days I feel like I have been here for years...and it has been such a good time too! I joke around and say I have only been here six years and four months...We fit...this crew...we really fit. I am so glad we all work together so well. It feels good to have this again. I didn't realize how much I missed this. Ah, well, there is no use thinking of sorrow and the past. It is time to forgive, forget and to focus on the bigger and better things in my life.

The hardest part of moving to the new position and place has been leaving Dan. It was such a fast process. Dad died in March...Dan moved back to Nebraska for the summer in May...I was offered the position in July and had three weeks to pack, find a place, drive across country with Bandit, and start my new job at the end of July. I haven't seen Dan since May 15th and both Bandit and I are missing him terribly. Long distance relationships suck eggs! It's okay though...we speak weekly and if the internet Gods are willing, even Skype. I wouldn't want it to be like this forever, but for now we do what we have to do to survive.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Charleston Conference - Charleston, SC

The Charleston Conference is an amazing conference held in beautiful Charleston, SC.  If you have never been here, it is worth it to visit.  This conference is mainly for issues in book and serials least that's what the program says, but it is so much more.  It started 32 years ago with 20 people, consisting of Acquisitions Librarians and Vendors.  This has now grown into a 4 venue conference with around 1450 attendees this year.  That number includes both vendors and librarians.  It really is a great place to meet the vendors and see the latest and greatest products as well as help them to develop better quality products according to Juried sessions where librarians and vendors talk and evaluate how things are working or not working.

This conference has a large amount of information and I am only one person.  Next time,  I wish I could clone myself so we could split the sessions and compare notes afterward.  My friend and fellow librarian, Debbie Colson, went with me many a time when I worked @ my former library...we often spilt up and hit different sessions...Debbie...move to Shepherd...I need you here :)  Okay, back to the conference...

As a newbie in the Tech Services/Collection Development/Acquisitions world, I found this the most helpful conference.  The sessions are geared towards threads:

BU: Budget & Fundraising
CD: Collection Development
DS: Digital Scholarship
EU: End Users/use stats/stats/usability studies
MA: Management/organization/leadership/workflow/collaboration
OB: Out of the box thinking/entrepreneurship
PD: Info-professional/professional dev/issues & challenges
SC: Scholarly communication/copyright/digitization projects/institutional publishing
TE: Techie issues/authentication/networks

See what I mean?  It is so much more than Acquisitions and serials.  This conference is so full of information for many aspects of the library world.  I have been hitting the Collection Development thread a good bit.  They need a few more sessions on how to negotiate with vendors too.  I hit one of those and they went so fast I only grabbed half the info.  They are going to send me the slides.  Thank you very much.  Speaking of slides, a lot of the sessions are going to put their slides on the web site. It would be nice to get a little explaination of the sessions too, but we don't live in a perfect world now do we...

The pre-conference began Wednesday and now it's Friday.  The conference is winding down and will be over tomorrow.  Time to go to the next session.  I hope I can come back next year! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

New job!

Three weeks ago, I began a new position as the Coordinator of Electronic Resources and Collection Development! I am thrilled to be a part of the Scarborough Library at Shepherd University. As I write this, I am sitting at my new desk and marveling at how lucky I am to be working here.  This is such a great opportunity to stretch my wings and live the dream. Ok, corny I know but it's so damn true. I'm still taking classes and plan on another one to help in the new position.  I'm excited again! Excited to get up, go to work with a great crew and do my job without all the drama and BS from Claggerty people.

I have decided it's the people like the Claggerts that really do have a self esteem problem and because of that problem, constantly try to make themselves feel better by bringing hate, drama, back stabbing pure "Green Headed Monster" like jealousies into the work place. All I can say to that is, Grow Up! Please! Just look in the mirror and realize that you too are part of the problem. It is always a two way street. One person is not the problem, you both are and I am guilty of being on the other end of the stick and also able to admit I can be part of the past problems...but the other person or persons need to own up and realize it too. It takes two to tango.  If we would all learn to communicate with each other better and with an open mind, life would go a bit easier. Life is not easy, people...we don't need to make it any harder by being mean to each other.  Alrighty then, I am coming down from my soapbox :-)

Have a wonderful day people!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Courses; Should I?

I'm looking into three possible classes for the future.  The classes are provided by ALCTS and ACRL, both great sources of learning!

1. Statistics for the Non-Mathematical Mind - I believe it is a must take :) ACRL -  7/23 - 8/10
2.Fundamentals of Acquisitions -  ALCTS -7/30 - 8/24
3. Fundamentals of Collection Assessment. - ALCTS - 8/13 - 9/21

I do believe they are all good classes.  My conundrum; do I take the Stats and FOA classes at the same time, or wait and take them separately.  I am opting for same time.  Why not?  I believe the classes will help in the long run and I might as well get started :)  I just noticed that the FCA class starts just as the other two are ending.  This could work! It is close to the beginning of the fall semester, but think of the multitasking I already if they just offered a cataloging class...I'll look on the ALA site and see what I can find.

Update:  I have registered for two classes.  The Stats class and the FOC class.  I'll hold off on registering for the FOCA class until closer to the date.  Want to see how I do taking these classes with the beginning of the semester closing in and it will come quickly...  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finished the FCDM Class from ALCTS

Don't you just love acronyms?  Librarians seem to love them a lot.  The Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management class was so full of great information. I learned so much!  I knew there was a good bit to collection development and it is nice to know I was doing it right.  I didn't realize how much falls under CD&M.  I am so glad I took this class.  It would have been nice to have had this class offered while I was in the MLIS program, but this worked out beautifully.  I can have hands on experience and not all theory.  Watch out Main Collection!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travis Murphy Scholarship

Last night, I found out a friend's daughter won the Travis Murphy Scholarship from Waynesburg, PA VoTech.  Congratulations Shaley!  My nephew Travis was an amazing young man whose flame was snuffed out way too early.  He died two years ago in a car accident early one morning.  The pain is still as raw and as fresh as the morning I was notified of his death.  The scholarship is small but should help Shaley achieve her dreams to become one of the few female auto body repair and mechanic!  Go Shaley!

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Classes and Career Direction?

I have decided I want to go in a new direction and have been taking classes accordingly.  ALCTS is a division of ALA and the perfect place to get started and push it up a notch!  I completed Fundamentals of Electronic Resources and Acquisitions and am now taking Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management.    It was a something that I have wanted to do since I finished my MLIS and started the MS in Law. One that I have fully embraced.  While I love Instruction, Reference, and Access Services, I wanted to use the contract law class that I didn't finish and put it to good use :)  I want to read contracts and negotiate with vendors.  Is it crazy?  It might be, but think of the challenge...release the hounds!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Campus Guides

The library has finally acquired Campus Guides by Springshare.  It has been fun learning how to work the pages.  I went to a couple sessions during conferences in the last few years and they did not prepare me for all the cool things you can do with a Campus Guide. That's the cool part...I am learning so much and enjoying the ride.  The bad part, I am learning so much and enjoying the ride. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Library Ramblings...

My latest project was to create a clamshell box for a book in very poor shape.  I could do nothing to fix the book, but the clamshell box came out great.  Client was very happy with the results.  I am just sorry it had taken me so long to build.  There has been so much going on lately. We have lost student help in book repair and archives.  I don't always have time now to do the things that need to be done.  I have been given more duties and less help, but in this economy, that is hardly surprising.

My Dad has been sick for a year and during Christmas he spoke to the whole family.  It wasn't an easy talk.  He predicted he wouldn't live out the year and on March 16th, he died of Pulmonary Fibrosis.  He was 79.  While his death was semi-expected, it doesn't make it any easier.

I picked up a book from a donation box today and thought, Dad would really like this book...and then...I set it back into the box. It's a hard realization when it hits me that he won't be around to discuss books.  He had such an interesting take on the stories.  Not always the most popular view either.  He really made me think about where the characters were coming from and how they lived.  We have had discussions like this since I started taking the books he finished from where he laid them by his chair.  It started with the Centennial series in the '70's and stopped in December with a Jeffery Archer book he was reading.  I had just started reading that author.  

I have been sick a lot since December.  I believe it is stress that is allowing every little cold and stomach flu into my system so easily.  I hope that Spring changes all of that :)  New hope for a better year.

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's been awhile...

This time let's just talk...How has the job been treating you?  Is your book repair everything you would like it to be?  How can I help you with that?

Preservation Portfolio

Preservation Portfolio

The following photos are examples of the different type of repair and preservation works used in the WVU & OPSU Libraries.

Clamshell enclosure made for a will from the 1800’s

Encapsulation & cover for the will

The complete enclosure with will


The final Clamshell enclosure 

Clamshell enclosure for a small monograph

 Many smaller books are being lost in the archives.  This is one way to keep them in line with the other books.


Clamshell enclosure & paper saving lift for fragile items

 This item can also be found in the archives.  It was previously taped with brown book tape and the item was too fragile to remove the tape safely.  I created a carrier to lift the item out of the box without damaging it further.
 The clamshell box or enclosure.
 The lifting apparatus. A piece of davey board the same size as the item supports while the smaller flaps lift it from the box or enclosure.

The lift.

Clamshell enclosure for Government Document loose leaf pamphlets

 Finished product ready to go back to the stacks
 Loose leaf documents tied with a ribbon
 The enclosure

Recasing: Before, during and after:

 The monograph is in very bad shape.  It needs cleaned, pages tipped in and recased.

 Cleaning with a dry cleaning pad.
 Dirt problems.  The dry cleaning pad or eraser will erase the dirt from the paper.

 Dirt erased.  Note the hole in the paper.  This was present before the erasing began.
 Taping the holes and tears with Filmoplast P by Neschen.  This is a non acidic paper tape.
 Tape both sides.
 Adding new endsheets
 Recovering the book
 New boards
 Adding the spine
 Using PVA glue to glue the book to the outer cover.

 Fixing the ditch
 Book is ready for the press.
From rags to riches. Recase is finished. All the book needs now is a the title, barcode and call number added before being placed back into the stacks.

Phase boxes:

 This four flap enclosure is easier and cheaper to create than a clamshell enclosure for a heavily used item that can not be replaced easily. 
 A condition alert is added to the flap to warn the patron to handle carefully

Phase boxes ready to be shelved in the stacks.


In some cases it is easier and cheaper to rebind a book than to re order the book.  This example is in three pieces. 

The wax paper is placed between the separate pieces to keep the whole page from being a glued mess

 Clamps hold the book together during the drying process.
 Placing super on the spine to reinforce the glued pieces
 Gluing the super to the spine
 Adding a new hardcover to the paperback item.

The finished product.  Can you see where the separate pieces were connected together?

Ready to be placed back into the stacks.