Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travis Murphy Scholarship

Last night, I found out a friend's daughter won the Travis Murphy Scholarship from Waynesburg, PA VoTech.  Congratulations Shaley!  My nephew Travis was an amazing young man whose flame was snuffed out way too early.  He died two years ago in a car accident early one morning.  The pain is still as raw and as fresh as the morning I was notified of his death.  The scholarship is small but should help Shaley achieve her dreams to become one of the few female auto body repair and mechanic!  Go Shaley!

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Classes and Career Direction?

I have decided I want to go in a new direction and have been taking classes accordingly.  ALCTS is a division of ALA and the perfect place to get started and push it up a notch!  I completed Fundamentals of Electronic Resources and Acquisitions and am now taking Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management.    It was a something that I have wanted to do since I finished my MLIS and started the MS in Law. One that I have fully embraced.  While I love Instruction, Reference, and Access Services, I wanted to use the contract law class that I didn't finish and put it to good use :)  I want to read contracts and negotiate with vendors.  Is it crazy?  It might be, but think of the challenge...release the hounds!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Campus Guides

The library has finally acquired Campus Guides by Springshare.  It has been fun learning how to work the pages.  I went to a couple sessions during conferences in the last few years and they did not prepare me for all the cool things you can do with a Campus Guide. That's the cool part...I am learning so much and enjoying the ride.  The bad part, I am learning so much and enjoying the ride.