Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Courses; Should I?

I'm looking into three possible classes for the future.  The classes are provided by ALCTS and ACRL, both great sources of learning!

1. Statistics for the Non-Mathematical Mind - I believe it is a must take :) ACRL -  7/23 - 8/10
2.Fundamentals of Acquisitions -  ALCTS -7/30 - 8/24
3. Fundamentals of Collection Assessment. - ALCTS - 8/13 - 9/21

I do believe they are all good classes.  My conundrum; do I take the Stats and FOA classes at the same time, or wait and take them separately.  I am opting for same time.  Why not?  I believe the classes will help in the long run and I might as well get started :)  I just noticed that the FCA class starts just as the other two are ending.  This could work! It is close to the beginning of the fall semester, but think of the multitasking I already if they just offered a cataloging class...I'll look on the ALA site and see what I can find.

Update:  I have registered for two classes.  The Stats class and the FOC class.  I'll hold off on registering for the FOCA class until closer to the date.  Want to see how I do taking these classes with the beginning of the semester closing in and it will come quickly...  

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