Friday, January 4, 2013

Sinuses and Viruses

The first of the year has begun with a continuation of the nasty sinus infection with bouts of vertigo and now I have caught some kind of virus. Antibiotics do nothing for a virus! I wrote the other day that I wanted just a couple more days off from work...I think I jinxed myself. This is not what I meant. I wanted a day or two to rearrange my bedroom, not sleep and pray for this headache to go away! So unfair! Now, I'm whining. Ugh!

Beyond the illness, the New Year started off pretty well. I was actually awake for the midnight festivities and speaking with my honey bunny. Didn't even realize midnight had rolled around till the neighbors went outside and started beating pots and pans screaming Happy New Year. Then there were fireworks and a few different types of pops that weren't fireworks across the railroad tracks and up the hill. I always wondered why anyone would want to shoot in the New Year. Any ideas? Is it just for the noise aspect? Eh, whatever the reasoning, it's not smart.  Where does the bullet go? It has to come down somewhere. I think about this a bit too much. Okay, moving on...

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