Monday, August 19, 2013

No More Whining...well, that's it for now.

After a long drive Saturday, I feel much better.  It is amazing that something we totally detested as a kid, when the parents took us ridge running, I need to do now for my peace of mind.  It really helps me think things through and see a few places I have never been before.  This trip was no exception.

I began on Route 45 taking back roads and twisty turning byways into Virginia.  It was wonderful.  Began heading west and ran into RT 522. So I headed towards Berkeley Springs, WV. I stopped at Cacapon State Park. I have never been there before and thought I'd check out the sights.  I passed a nice little pond/lake where paddle boats were floating slowly by and swimmers were playing in the shallows.  A little farther on and there are tennis courts, a riding stable and then around the bend...the restaurant/lodge. I bypassed all of this for the road to the summit of Cacapon.  It was a rough road to the top, but way worth the views.

This was actually the smooth part of the road lol

When I first got to the top, I had the place all to myself.  That soon changed and four more car loads decided they must join me.  Had I come better prepared, I would have taken the path just passed the overlook to wander in the woods for a bit.

Back down and out to RT 522 once again.  I took a back road and came out on the other side of Berkeley Springs, west on RT 9 to Paw Paw.

 Overlook of the Cacapon River at Prospect Peak.

I have never seen the Paw Paw Tunnel on the C&O Canal and thought, why not check it out.

 A nice couple took my picture...
 It's a long tunnel and I didn't have a light.  I wimped out and only made it halfway before turning around.  The couple told me it is pretty muddy and without boots or something a bit sturdier on my feet...I shouldn't go the whole way through. 

All in all, I put about 100 or so miles on my car and had a very cathartic drive through Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.  I need to do this again...


  1. I remember when you took this drive. Beautiful trip it looks to be. Next time, you'll be better prepared to enjoy it!!

    While I'm thinking about it, isn't their a real life castle in Berkley Springs? It sits right on the road, but VERY medieval inside. You should check that out next time. I remember it was a few dollars to take the tour, but worth it!

  2. They no longer do tours, but there is a website and I have looked at the pictures. Pretty cool place. Thanks