Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Glorious Year Later!

It has been one year since I began my new adventure at Shepherd University. One year. Twelve months. 365 days. Lucky for you, I am not breaking it down into hours, minutes, or seconds...

It's Amazing! What an adventure it has been. Had I not been blessed with this job, God only knows where I would be now. Probably in the hospital suffering from some type of PTSD or other deadly stress related disorder or maybe even in some other type of trouble that I believe would involve a lawyer or two. When I do think about it (the year from hell) it still surprises me how some people can be soooooo needy and desperate that they align themselves with the most evil of creatures. I mean, everyone can get fooled for a while but eventually (and sometimes this does take longer than a year) the person will mess up and show their true colors and this is when the fool wakes up. In this case, the fool has never woken up and that will be the fools downfall. I thought I would like to see this happen. I thought it would make me feel better...but it won't. All I can do is pray, reflect, and pity the poor fool! Thank you B.A. Barracus!

The stress doesn't just disappear overnight.  It is still with me; the frustration and sadness; mostly the sadness. Frustration because the problems are still there and no one can do anything about it and the ones that do have the power, refuse to do anything.  You can't fight oppression forever. The proletariat will rise up and fight or leave if they can. In this case, the people are jumping ship and moving on towards happier and healthier work environments.  A lot like rats jumping from a sinking ship.  Rats are very smart creatures!   But I'm sad; sad that the oppression and the deceit continues.  It was a lovely place to learn the ropes of librarianship.  Before the year of hell, it was filled with wonderful, smart, accomplished people.  I learned from everyone of those brilliant folks.  I don't know when the one felt slighted, lost confidence and became jealous or even when the bitterness and hate began and intensified. I do know when the revenge began.  I feel sorry for this person...anger, aggression, deceit and bitterness all rolled into one makes for a very black, stunted and ugly soul. 

Some people never learn... But I digress! I work with very talented people that are healthy, wealthy and wise. We compliment and are kind to each other. It is so very nice to work with such kind and emotionally intelligent people again!  The tech services crew is a diverse and brilliant group of women! I love working with them. They are never allowed to leave! EVER! It is an honor and pleasure to work with such a crew.  I am learning so very much from all of them and I hope they are learning something from me too. 

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