Friday, August 17, 2012

New job!

Three weeks ago, I began a new position as the Coordinator of Electronic Resources and Collection Development! I am thrilled to be a part of the Scarborough Library at Shepherd University. As I write this, I am sitting at my new desk and marveling at how lucky I am to be working here.  This is such a great opportunity to stretch my wings and live the dream. Ok, corny I know but it's so damn true. I'm still taking classes and plan on another one to help in the new position.  I'm excited again! Excited to get up, go to work with a great crew and do my job without all the drama and BS from Claggerty people.

I have decided it's the people like the Claggerts that really do have a self esteem problem and because of that problem, constantly try to make themselves feel better by bringing hate, drama, back stabbing pure "Green Headed Monster" like jealousies into the work place. All I can say to that is, Grow Up! Please! Just look in the mirror and realize that you too are part of the problem. It is always a two way street. One person is not the problem, you both are and I am guilty of being on the other end of the stick and also able to admit I can be part of the past problems...but the other person or persons need to own up and realize it too. It takes two to tango.  If we would all learn to communicate with each other better and with an open mind, life would go a bit easier. Life is not easy, people...we don't need to make it any harder by being mean to each other.  Alrighty then, I am coming down from my soapbox :-)

Have a wonderful day people!