Friday, November 9, 2012

Charleston Conference - Charleston, SC

The Charleston Conference is an amazing conference held in beautiful Charleston, SC.  If you have never been here, it is worth it to visit.  This conference is mainly for issues in book and serials least that's what the program says, but it is so much more.  It started 32 years ago with 20 people, consisting of Acquisitions Librarians and Vendors.  This has now grown into a 4 venue conference with around 1450 attendees this year.  That number includes both vendors and librarians.  It really is a great place to meet the vendors and see the latest and greatest products as well as help them to develop better quality products according to Juried sessions where librarians and vendors talk and evaluate how things are working or not working.

This conference has a large amount of information and I am only one person.  Next time,  I wish I could clone myself so we could split the sessions and compare notes afterward.  My friend and fellow librarian, Debbie Colson, went with me many a time when I worked @ my former library...we often spilt up and hit different sessions...Debbie...move to Shepherd...I need you here :)  Okay, back to the conference...

As a newbie in the Tech Services/Collection Development/Acquisitions world, I found this the most helpful conference.  The sessions are geared towards threads:

BU: Budget & Fundraising
CD: Collection Development
DS: Digital Scholarship
EU: End Users/use stats/stats/usability studies
MA: Management/organization/leadership/workflow/collaboration
OB: Out of the box thinking/entrepreneurship
PD: Info-professional/professional dev/issues & challenges
SC: Scholarly communication/copyright/digitization projects/institutional publishing
TE: Techie issues/authentication/networks

See what I mean?  It is so much more than Acquisitions and serials.  This conference is so full of information for many aspects of the library world.  I have been hitting the Collection Development thread a good bit.  They need a few more sessions on how to negotiate with vendors too.  I hit one of those and they went so fast I only grabbed half the info.  They are going to send me the slides.  Thank you very much.  Speaking of slides, a lot of the sessions are going to put their slides on the web site. It would be nice to get a little explaination of the sessions too, but we don't live in a perfect world now do we...

The pre-conference began Wednesday and now it's Friday.  The conference is winding down and will be over tomorrow.  Time to go to the next session.  I hope I can come back next year!