Thursday, May 22, 2014

Since my last visit, this happened...

Had a very medical year last year and it looks to be continuing into the new year too.   Many routine checks that so far have been good news and one I am not so sure about yet...will find out the results in a few days.  I'm sure things are fine there too.  Fingers crossed.

Yes, everything is fine.  Had a scope on my right knee, both knees are arthritic, and now, after many sessions of physical therapy, I have been released from my doctor, well - all of them actually, and am able to get back on track. 

Step 1: Small steps - change and establishing habits takes time.

Step 2: Get off the couch, not that I am on it that much, but it certainly became my place of choice during recovery.

Step 3: Move - do something, anything to move and exercise. My little garden is taking more work than I ever thought it would :)

Step 4: Believe & Love yourself again - it's been awhile.

Step 5: Establish work & life boundaries.  This one will actually be the hardest part of the change.  I have always been a workaholic.  I was better at leaving my work  when Dan and I were in the same town.  But since it is just me and Taz at home, I find it harder and harder to tear myself away from here.  This summer I plan to change that.  First step is to leave 15 minutes earlier than I usually do and by the end of summer I will be closer to my goal of leaving at the end of my shift.

Step 6: Meet Dan halfway between and visit each other more. I miss this man.  I miss his laugh, his sense of humor, the timbre of his voice, his touch, his smell, I miss him. This will be a better possibility when we both get new vehicles.  We are working on it.